Well-being compass for pop-up villages

🎏 Summary

ZuWell is an environmental well-being compass for pop-up cities and pop-up villages.

It aims to solve the following problems:
Negative environmental influence on physical and mental well-being of pop-up city residents
Gaps in awareness of pop-up city organizers on how they might improve location/venue curation process and the overall experience of their citizens
Inefficient feedback mechanisms that the citizens could use to voice environmental factors that influence their experience

It focuses on various aspects of comfort, indoor and outdoor, including access to facilities, nourishment, natural light, clean air, nature, safety, activities, and other factors, to promote a healthier and more supportive environment for the residents of pop-up villages.

Latest Evaluated Pop-Up Villages

Edge Esmeralda // Healdsburg, California // Jun 2024


Proof of Retreat // Mũi Né, Vietnam // Jan-Mar 2024

Proof of retreat example.png

ZuConnect // Istanbul, Turkey // Oct-Nov 2024

ZuConnect example.png

How it Works

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⛲️ ZuWell includes

✅ A Well-Being Checklist to assist pop-up cities and events organizers to evaluate the spaces
🧰 A Comfort Toolbox to give actionable suggestions on how to improve pop-up cities on each of evaluated dimensions
🚦 A Grumpy Meter — simple “traffic light” system used to quickly represent how do environments perform
📸 A Snapshot Challenge, as a fun way for participants to submit memorable sensory experiences in words, photos, or videos

📋 Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation criteria will be developed after the in-depth research and test-runs with the upcoming 2024 ZuVillages in the Zuzalu ecosystem. It is expected that evaluation categories will form, such as: individual well-being, sustainability, nature, accessibility etc. At this stage however, the criteria is roughly categorized by the scale of observation: The Neighborhood and the Venue(s) scale, to give a general insight into the criteria the project plans to embody.

ZuWell acts as a valuable resource for pop-up city organizers, offering helpful insights and suggestions for incremental improvement, all while respecting the spirit of innovation and experimentation.
We understand that pop-up city organizers navigate various challenges and constraints with impressive resilience, and our aim is to be a valuable resource, not a source of pressure.
By providing insights into environmental factors and their potential impact, we empower organizers to make informed decisions and optimize their projects for both success and sustainability.

🏝️ Neighborhood

Access to nature (parks, hikes, water bodies)
Access to heritage sites
Clean air
Environmental noise (streets, construction, etc)
Access to viewpoints
Availability of healthy and diverse food
Exercise facilities
Integration with the local community (contribution, damage, etc)
Access to art & culture
Access to playful spaces

🛖 Venue(s)

Productive spaces
Chill-out and connection spaces
Stable and uncensored internet connection
Indoor natural light
Indoor airflow
Quality artificial lighting (e.g. no white lights in the evenings)
Pest control
Comfortable sleeping environment (if arranged)
Privacy of housing (if any)

⛵️ Product

🤿 Overview

For each event, the ZuWell Matrix would be established in advance by the Organizer team (self-evaluation) and the Review team (3rd party evaluation).
During and immediately after the Event, attendees can submit their evaluation anonymously via ZuPass. This will calculate the communal ZuWell Matrix to be compared with the one established by the organizers before the event.

🐠 Personas

Event Hosts
ZuWell Reviewers
Event Attendees

🔫 Actions

Users (All)
See the page with ZuWell Matrix for each event, color coded and the reasons behind the evaluations
Event Hosts
Self-evaluate their event and describe their event for each of the ZuWell criteria
ZuWell Reviewers
Review the evaluations of Hosts (either online or on-site)
Event Attendees
Anonymously submit their own overview of the event

🪵 Tech Stack

Web: TBD
Login: ZuPass
Chain: Optimism
ZuWell Matrix with its criteria and will be logged via Ethereum Attestation Service
The framework and the code will be open-sourced on our website and GitHub

🌄 Vision & Future Potential

ZuWell’s potential is to be used beyond Zuzalu, to evaluate other pop-up cities, villages, conferences and events
ZuWell suggestions could be sourced directly from the latest research of pop-up cities and environmental psychology, as well as directly via user feedback using AI

🫱🏻‍🫲🏼 Team

: Research, framework development, product lead
: Research, framework development, design lead

🪙 Gitcoin Funding Round

🌌 Timeline

Estimated 6 months: March - August 2024
Milestones by month:
First version of the framework / evaluation criteria
Test-run the framework with 1 pop-up city (likely Proof of Retreat | Vietnam)
April - May
First version of the where Users can independently follow the evaluation criteria
Jun - Aug
Test-run the framework+product with minimum of 2 other pop-up cities (3 in total)
Gather insights, in-person, via hosts, via attendees, and the wider Zuzalu community
Improve framework+product based on the latest findings
Public release of ZuWell v1.0
Update: Given a smaller amount raised in Round #1, the team will focus on developing the criteria and evaluating venues without tech development.
🪙 Budget (estimated)
Estimated Cost
Team of 2 (time, pop-up village visit, surveying)
USD 8k
Design (product, website, materials)
USD 2k
Product development (web2/3)
USD 10k
Hosting, APIs, on-chain fees
USD 2k
Other (research materials, etc.)
USD 1k
USD 23k / ~ETH 10
~ ETH 2.5
There are no rows in this table

⚓️ Impact Metrics

% of ZuVillage hosts using the framework during planning and evaluation of their pop-up city projects
% of ZuVillage hosts being inspired to improve something about their pop-up city experience as a result of using the framework
% of ZuVillage attendees using the framework to evaluate their experience

🗿 Benefits to Zuzalu Community

Positive environmental influences on physical and mental well-being of pop-up city residents
Increase awareness of pop-up city organizers on how they might enhance the environmental factors in their pop-up cities on the overall experience of their citizens
An efficient and convenient feedback mechanism that citizens can use to evaluate environmental factors influenced their experience
A showcase of Zuzalu’s commitment to sustainability and long-term vision of pop-up cities and villages, together with their positive effects to surrounding communities

🖇️ References

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Upcoming pop-up cities

Zuzalu Grant Links

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